Fred Bohm

Fred is a writer, photographer and self proclaimed inventor. Toes in the dirt and fingers on the keyboard; he tries to spend equal time in the woods with his dogs, working on new products for Sage & Braker and raising his young family.

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Fred Bohm of Sage & Braker cleans an over/under shotgun
How to Clean an Over and Under Shotgun

Fred Bohm, owner of the gun cleaning company Sage and Braker, brings us an extensive…

A Labrador Retriever with a dusky grouse.
Finding and Hunting Dusky Grouse in the West

A guide to finding and hunting the dusky grouse Short of having a heart attack,…

A pudlepointer and English pointer out bird hunting.
Hunting with a Pointer and Flusher at the Same Time

Learning about the sometimes complicated world of hunting with both a flusher and pointer at…

A Labrador retrieves a pheasant in Colorado
Colorado Pheasant Hunting—God, I love this dog

A story of a dog winning during Colorado Pheasant hunting I stood at the kitchen…

A hunter cleaning a shotgun on a table.
Preserving Legacy: How to Clean a Shotgun

Knowing how to clean a shotgun is a basic part of being an upland hunter…