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Stop Lying To Your Dog w/ Talmage Smedley | Upchukar Podcast Episode 69

Stop Lying To Your Dog w/ Talmage Smedley | Upchukar Podcast Episode 69

Talmage Smedley dog trainer and chukar hunter

Listen along with Talmage Smedley a dog trainer, people trainer, and chukar hunter as we dive into his world of bird dogs.

Talmage Smedly is the owner of T’s Dog House which emphasizes teaching dog owners to lead kindly through communication, leadership and relationship.

Talmage is a veritable dog-whisperer and, likely a person-whisperer as well! His method and approach to dog training transforms dogs and our relationships with them.

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Talmage has also published many Chukar hunting videos demonstrating the abilities of the chukar dogs in his program.

Join us as we dive into his world of dogs, people, horses and, of course Chukar hunting.

To learn more about Talmage and T’s Dog House visit: or on YouTube: T’s Dog House 

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