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Jay Herbert and Proper Gun Fit – #011 of the Gun Room Podcast

Jay Herbert and Proper Gun Fit – #011 of the Gun Room Podcast

A man shoulders and over-under shotgun at the RFM factory.

While the renowned shooting coach was in Tennessee, host Joel Penkala took time to pick his brain about the importance of proper gun fit and the technical aspects of a stock

The second installment of The Gun Room from Sante Fe, Tenn., comes as I am spending the weekend at Dan LaFond’s farm with Jay Herbert.

Jay has spent his life around shotguns and influential individuals. His career in the gun world has seen him around the globe shooting at some of the most interesting locations with a celebrity guest list. This weekend though, Jay has traveled from Houston, Texas to Tennessee, about an hour south of Nashville to perform gun fits for Upland Gun Company clients. 

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Jay has been a shooting coach and gunfitter for years and has a list of successful students including six national sporting clays champions, two world championships, three junior Olympic medals, the only non-English shooter to win their class at the British Open, and coached a five-time Olympian and gold medalist in 2008 in Beijing.

Jay has also been credited with bringing sporting clays to the United States, a claim not to be taken lightly. He spent time at Holland and Holland’s shooting grounds in England learning the trade before bringing the popular shooting game back to the states. Shortly thereafter Jay and Bob Brister would hold the first National Sporting Clays Championship on the shooting grounds at Highland Bend.

Jay and I talk at length about gun fit and its importance to a shooter, while going over the primary dimensions that are included in a shotgun stock. We also talk about his Churchill-made try gun, why a proper gun fit requires the client to actually shoot the gun, and so much more. Sit down with us as we discuss.

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