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#18 | Gregg Elliot – Dogs and Doubles – Project Upland Podcast

#18 | Gregg Elliot – Dogs and Doubles – Project Upland Podcast

Gregg Elliot posing with a vintage double barrel shotgun

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Gregg Elliot of joins the show to talk about upland hunting, bird dogs, vintage gun buying, and much more.

In this episode, Gregg and I chat about his beginnings in upland hunting, his English Pointers and how he picked up his interest for vintage double guns. We also begin chatting about the vintage gun market before our interview comes to an abrupt end due to an unexpected interruption. Stay tuned to the Project Upland Podcast for the release of Part Two where we delve more deeply into buying, selling, and shooting vintage double guns.

To learn more about Gregg Elliot and vintage double guns, check out his website:

From the website: “I’m an avid bird hunter and gun collector. I also spend a lot of time outdoors fly fishing and canoeing, and my latest hobby is learning how to play guitar. I grew up hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock in Berlin, N.H., a town in the northernmost part of the state. Today, I live in the Northeast and I hunt in Maine and New Hampshire. I also make it out to Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin whenever I can.”

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