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#28 | How to Be a Better Wingshooter with Keith Coyle – Project Upland Podcast

#28 | How to Be a Better Wingshooter with Keith Coyle – Project Upland Podcast

Keith Coyle teaching the art of wingshooting.

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Keith Coyle, professional shooting instructor, joins the show to help improve your wingshooting!

Keith has been an internationally renowned professional shooting coach and gun fitter for more than 25 years.

During our conversation we talk about how Keith got his start as a shooting coach and explore the methods and skillset in which he is trained. We cover the Churchill shooting method, basic gun fitting and common wingshooting mistakes. Keith also shares plenty of tips and tricks to help improve your wingshooting today.

To learn more about Keith Coyle, his methods and his instruction, please visit:

From the website:

Keith’s coaching lineage descends directly from the definitive knowledge of the legendary Robert Churchill. Keith is considered one of the United Kingdom’s most traditionally trained and experienced professional shooting instructors. He is formally recognized by some of the most prestigious gun makers of Europe, the UK and the U.S.A., including Krieghof, Caesar Guerini, Fausti and Grulla Armas. Keith learned his trade from the very best, having worked for and being mentored by the renowned Chris Craddock, Roger Silcox & Sam Grice, three of the UK’s most respected Shooting Guardians.

For Keith, coaching is a passion as well as a profession. It is his intention to give shotgun enthusiasts the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from shooting well. His instruction across the world has included members of royal families as well as internationally successful shots. In more than 25 years as a professional coach, he has helped hundreds of pupils to shoot with confidence and style. His philosophy is simple: good shooting comes from a combination of the right technique and plenty of practice.

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  • Of all your podcasts that I’ve listened to, this is by far the most informative and valuable for me.

  • Being new to upland hunting, i have been listening to many wingshoot and hunting podcasts. Most podcasts are guys sitting around talking about what a great hunt they had. That’s ok too but here is very little being put out their on instructional information. As we all know this is very difficult to break into and this journey is very important to who I am as a person. As a woman coming from a long like of trappers, hunters and gathers that did so as part of our food culture, it’s still hard to find a mentor to coach you along the way. I am dedicated to putting this game meat on my plate and sharing it with others and it’s been a wonderful journey. I have been inspired to join my local Gun Club where I have found amazing lifetime shooters and now mentors to “tuck me under their wing” so to speak. This episode by far has been more valuable than any I have listened to. Thank you for the work you do.

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