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#131 | A Bird Dog Comeback Story with Rich Wong

#131 | A Bird Dog Comeback Story with Rich Wong

Bird Dog

A 13-year-old vizsla’s journey back to the uplands after a battle with cancer and a surgery that left him with three legs.

Lifelong bird hunter and professional photographer, Rich Wong (aka @wisc_me_nord) joins the show to talk about his upland hunting story. As Rich recently shared in an article he wrote for Project Upland Magazine, his father introduced him to the joys of hunting at a young age. From there, Rich’s love for the outdoors and bird dogs blossomed into a full blown passion for upland hunting today. Accompanied by his 13-year-old vizsla, Hunter, Rich spends most of his time chasing grouse and woodcock in the northwoods as well as pheasants and prairie grouse to the west. At 12 years old, Hunter was diagnosed with cancer and eventually lost a leg to the disease but that didn’t prevent him from spending another season in the uplands with Rich. 

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to hear the bird dog comeback story of Hunter the vizsla with Rich Wong.

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  • Tremendous article/podcast…..So happy to hear that Hunter was able to overcome so much and continue to successfully hunt. I listen to each and every pod, but this is my favorite. Thank you Rich Wong for sharing yours and Hunter’s tale.

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