V1N4 of Project Upland Magazine Winter 2019


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Volume One, Issue Four of Project Upland Magazine features stories from “Passion for the Uplands” (Front Cover Image) on Marissa Jensen Education and Outreach Program Manager with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, to the overlooked world of hunting ruffed grouse with flushers in “The Flushers march”, along with a historical look at Edmund Davis in “The Father of Woodcock“. We also explore the wanderlust life of hunting guide Pat Flanagan as he hunts Arizona in “All Wild”.  This Winter issue of the magazine is sure to keep the cabin fever at bay as we wait for the coming Spring.

In the Winter 2019 Issue: A Recap

“The Flushers March” – by Adam Regier

“The Birds are Here” – by Stefan Grow

“Portraits of Pheasants and Ice” – by Adam Tangsrud

“All Wild” – by Chet Hervey

“A Camp of Women, Guns, and Dogs” – By Nancy Anisfield

“The In-Between Bird” – by Matt Breuer

“The Father of Woodcock” – by Jason Dowd

“Know When to Quit Roosters” – By Anthony Hauck

“This Old Dog” – by Dave White

“Passion for the Uplands” – by Rachelle Blair-Frasier



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