Volume 4 of Hunting Dog Confidential (Hardcover Book)


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This fourth volume represents a new era for Hunting Dog Confidential. The content within these pages should feel familiar, ranging from the historical to the anecdotal, all with an eye on the dog. The delivery, however, reflects our investment in preserving these stories. This publication has never been seasonal or temporary and the new hardcover format is a testament to our belief that these stories are timeless.

200 Pages – Hardcover – First Edition (Limited to 1000 Copies)

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From its inception, Hunting Dog Confidential has aimed to tell the stories of hunting dogs and the people who hunt, train, and live alongside them.The result is three years’ worth of pure celebration of the hunting dog, whether it be loyal retrievers in the flooded timber, joyous spaniels buzzing about for the scent of a bird, tenacious terriers in pursuit of furred game, lithe hounds mirroring ancient history in their chase over the horizon, or statuesque pointing dogs betraying the location of a hidden game bird. If a dog hunts anywhere in the world, it belongs somewhere within the pages of this publication.

No matter your breed preference or hunting style, you’ll connect with these stories and learn something in the process. From cover to cover, this hardcover is a celebration of our hunting dogs. We say that these are their stories, but in reality, we know them to be our stories, too.

Hunting Dog Confidential is published under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Craig Koshyk and Managing Editor Jennifer Wapenski, co-hosts of the HDC Podcast. Together with their wide network of dog-obsessed writers and photographers, they aim to deliver a unique user experience in storytelling through words and images.

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