V5N3 of Project Upland Magazine Fall 2023 – 5 Year Anniversary Issue


The release of Volume Five, Issue Three signifies a pivotal moment in the journey of Project Upland Magazine. Looking back, it’s been five years since we introduced Issue Zero in September of 2018. The brand first launched in 2014, but little did we know then that our print publication would be our hallmark. This special issue is both a celebration and reflection, delving into the brand’s unique origins as narrated candidly by our founder, illustrating how we’ve often veered from the traditional path.

Diving into the pages, readers will discover the rich tapestry of the upland community, a diversity we’ve always been keen to spotlight. Our cover story offers a glimpse into our forthcoming film, “The River as Our Guide,” enriched with personal anecdotes from Callie Krewson. Merging art and conservation is the captivating “Woman of the Land, the Lek, and the Natural Lab.” As a nod to our reverence for history, we’ve included a selection from Edmund Davis’ 1908 classic, “Woodcock Shooting.” For our shared love of dogs, delve into articles discussing theories on wind and scent cones, a whimsical exploration of finding the perfect dog breed, a deep dive into the Brittany’s history, and so much more.

We’re immensely grateful to have you alongside us on this adventure. It’s the dedication of subscribers like you that propels our story forward.

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In the Fall 2023 Issue

“Five Years of Printing on the Edge – Opening Letter” – By A.J. DeRosa

“Against the Grain – Letter From Managing Editor” – By Gabriela Zaldumbide

“Charcoal Grilled Hungarian Partridge” – by Rossano Russo

“Grouse with Wild Rice Salad – by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

“The River as Our Guide” – by Callie Krewson (Cover Story)

“A New Chapter” – By Kyle Hedges

“Hunting in the Wind” – by Jason Carter

“The History of the Brittany” – by Craig Koshyk

“Boosting an Essential Program to Expand Private Land Hunting Access – by Aaron Field

“Woman of the Land, the Lek, and the Natural Lab” – By Courtney King

“Life of a Weimaraner” – by Pavel Francev

“The Myth of the Perfect Dog” – By Jennifer Wapenski

“Excerpt from Woodcock Shooting” – by Edmund Davis

A Fuzzier Perspective” by Naomi Coates


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