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Volume Five, Issue One of Project Upland Magazine features a cover image from the film and cover story Lapland Grouse. This issue explores some of the latest conservation issues, research, and legislation. From Sweden to North America it explores shotguns, the world of bird dogs, and a delicious run of wild bird recipes. It also includes the iconic author William Harnden Foster and his celebrated artwork.

In the Spring 2023 Issue

“Thawing” – Opening Letter” – By A.J. DeRosa

“Roasted Woodcock and Morel Gravy” – by Rossano Russo

“Grouse Corn Cakes – by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

“Lapland Grouse” – by Kevin Erdvig (Cover Story)

“Like Son, Like Father” – By Roger Erdvig

“New England Grouse Shooting” – by William Harnden Foster

“A Gun of Specialist Function” – by A.J. DeRosa

Amor y Muerte en el Valle” – by Jorge Ramirez

What Could Take Flight in a Divided Congress” – By Pat Donovan

The Bracco Italiano” – by Craig Koshyk

Dog Willing” – By Jennifer Wapenski

No One Likes a Cheater” – by Peter Simic

An Itinerant Little Feller” – by Gabriela Zaldumbide

A Fuzzier Perspective” by Naomi Coates


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