V0N0 of Project Upland Magazine 2018 “Issue Zero”


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Issue Zero of Project Upland Magazine features stories from all over North America, from “How America Fell in Love with the Pheasant” to the “Rites of Hells Canyon” this issue brings to life the stories of this bird hunting series. 

In This Issue

“Rites of Hells Canyon” – by Chet Hervey

“Avoiding Double Trouble” – by Gregg Elliot

“Confessions of a First-time Dog Trainer” – by Jennifer Wapenski

“Ghost at the Gates” – by Matt Soberg

“The Pointing Dog, A Brief History” – by Craig Koshyk

“Willows of the Yup’ik Wilds” – By Krissie Mason

“The Human Aspect of Dog Training” – by Lee Lee Milner

“Yankee Quail Story” – by Jason Dowd

“Anyone Who’ll Listen” – By Nick Larson

“The Sights, Sounds, and Smells of the Northwoods” – by A.J. DeRosa



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