Issue 2.1 of Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine (Spring 2021)


Get Issue 2.1 of Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine the Spring 2021 printing of the biannual publication. 


Hunting Dog Confidential is back with another issue, once again striving to tell the stories of the hunting dogs that enrich our lives and make us better humans. You are invited to lose yourself in the story of an old dog that overcame tragedy to live his best life in the grouse woods, in the parallel arcs of a Labrador puppy growing into her prime while the human sons also mature, and to share a truck cab with a bird dog on a road trip with a vague itinerary and copious amounts of snack food.

Staying true to our mission of tracing the story of hunting dogs with the culture that developed around them, we also reached back into history to bring forward a collection of knowledge and insight that risks being lost to the unkind passage of time. Laverack’s classic work The Setter finds new life in these pages as well as in audiobook format. Robb Moore digs through Sanskrit texts to bring us the symbology and significance of dogs in Hindu traditions and its lessons for today. In short, we cast another wide net in an attempt to capture the sheer breadth of dog stories that are woven into the tapestry of human culture.

We say that these are their stories, but in reality, we know them to be our stories, too.

Hunting Dog Confidential is published under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Craig Koshyk and Managing Editor Jennifer Wapenski, co-hosts of the HDC Podcast. They are supported by the likes of Jake Terry of Endless Migration and the wide range of resources inside of Northwoods Collective, the parent company of Project Upland, to deliver a unique user experience in storytelling through words and images.


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