Volume 1 of Hunting Dog Confidential (Fall 2020 Softcover Book)


Get Volume 1 of Hunting Dog Confidential the Fall 2020 printing of the biannual book series.

200 Pages – Softcover – First Edition (Limited Quantity)

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Volume one will kick off this new chapter with stories ranging from the exploits of a classified ad Brittany to moose hunting in Siberia with the Russian Laika. We’ll explore the British Labrador and how they came to America to hunt and trial alongside the lines of Labradors bred and developed west of the Atlantic. We’ll tell the story of Pointers hunting the mountains of South Africa and a tiny Teckel with a huge aptitude for tracking wounded game. The dogs are the heart of this magazine and their stories fuel the journey from cover to cover.

Hunting Dog Confidential is published under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Craig Koshyk and Managing Editor Jennifer Wapenski, co-hosts of the Hunting Dog Confidential Podcast. Together with their wide network of dog-obsessed writers and photographers, they aim to deliver a unique user experience in storytelling through words and images.

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