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The Reward—A Hunter Mentor Film

The Reward—A Hunter Mentor Film

Mark Fouts, Director of Member Relations & Outreach for the Ruffed Grouse Society, shares his personal passion for the Hunter Mentor Program.

Mark Fouts reflects on the mentors that got him started in upland hunting. Fond memories of those mentors are what fuel his vision for the Hunter Mentor Program. Ultimately, paying it forward is what will make the hunters of future generations.

“Mentoring is an educational tool—if you can mentor someone, they will pay it forward too. That is the most exciting part of this program—’the reward’ you get from sharing the skills you learned with the next generation of hunters.”

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  • Will there be an opportunity to get the series of videos on a DVD for use with Hunter Safety classes here in Wisconsin? I downloaded one at the end of last year and it was well received by the students.

  • Great video, makes me excited to think about taking my two grandsons out to bird hunt when they get a litte older. Also what a nice young man in the video his parents should be proud.

  • Wow seeing this reminds me of all the times Ruffed Grouse hunting in Saskatchewan when I was younger and all the people that I introduced to the sport my brothers and my son and many of my good friends,still after all these years it still brings pleasure to me to see and hunt these great birds.i have many hauntsand habitat where the great Ruffed Grouse still dwell.

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