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The Experience—A New Hampshire Bird Hunting Story

The Experience—A New Hampshire Bird Hunting Story

A New Hampshire Bird Hunting Story from the Project Upland Series

The Experience is part of the Project Upland Film series and follows veteran grouse hunter and New Hampshire native, Harry Rowell, into the grouse woods. Harry reflects that hunting in New Hampshire kindles in him his passion for grouse hunting anew. But this is a passion that is not just about him. Grouse hunting brings to mind cherished moments of passed family members. This is a humbling short film that will inspire future and current bird hunters alike.

“I’d venture to guess that for many of us, like Rowell, ruffed grouse and the places they hang out, be it aspen groves melting into pine and hardwood forests in the Midwest, or long abandoned farms and overgrown orchards in the East, conjure feelings and memories of family and tradition.” – Wide Open Spaces

Many commend this Project Upland original short film for showing the true and fundamental essence of the hunting experience. The film has captured the minds and imaginations of thousands of upland bird hunters across the country. It epitomizes what Project Upland is all about: our adventures and stories. Harry Rowell shares the same passion of every upland bird hunter.

“It’s great if we are lucky enough to have another day in the woods. But if we didn’t, at least we had today. It was pretty amazing.” – Harry Rowell

Project Upland is a bird hunting videos initiative that promotes the future of upland bird hunting through bird hunting videos, online blogs, and other media outlets. It is geared to capture the essence of the “grouse woods” and inspire a future generation of upland bird hunters in all sporting traditions. Whatever your game, from pheasants to ruffed grouse, these are your stories in the epic bird hunting video series.

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