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Pheasant Brand – A Pheasant Hunting Film in Washington State

Pheasant Brand – A Pheasant Hunting Film in Washington State

A Project Upland Original Film that highlights the western culture of wild pheasant hunting from horseback with Brittanys.

Stan VanArsdel has been chasing birds across the Pacific Northwest for over fifty years. When he’s not operating his commercial fishing boat in Alaska, riding his horse across Eastern Washington, or performing recess duty at his grandkids’ school, you can find him in a field with his pair of Brittanys in hot pursuit of wild pheasant. Keep up if you can because, at 73 years old, he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Project Upland is excited for Season 3 to feature a wild pheasant hunting film from Idaho and Washington state. Pheasant Brand is a story about an Alaskan fishing boat captain who finds his escape in the uplands in pursuit of wild ring-neck pheasant. Stan, armed with his Brittany’s, is part of the western fabric of pheasant hunting.

Past Stan’s love for the pheasant and dogs, he appreciates the importance of taking new people hunting. The selfless act of mentoring is an important piece to the R3 movement. Stan was the mentor to the Northwoods Collective Director of Business Relations, Chet Hervey.

“The horse stands still. The dogs go on point. You shoot the bird. They bring the bird to you and you are just amazed that it all really did work. It’s just so many moving parts.”

Pheasant hunting is without a doubt an American classic. Despite being a non-native species the ring-necked pheasant has captured out hearts and inspired conservation movements that have pushed habitat development from everything from butterflies to birds. No matter what your age, your walk from life this bird has the ability to seduce any hunter into the many landscapes of the United Sates.

This film is in memory of the bird dog Reddy featured in this film. It is a film by Chet Hervey. 

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  • My daughter and I are training a German Shorthair and is 15 months now . I’d like to take him out west from Florida for a hunt . Is this available and how would I go about preparing her dog for this ???

    • Not sure if you have joined the Palmetto Chapter of NAVHDA. We meet once a month in Lake Wales. I stared 5 years ago when I got my first German Wirehaired and it has been great. We have gone to ND, Montana, Oklahoma and are having great fun chasing Sharptails, Huns and pheasants.

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