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Searching—The First Film of Project Upland

Searching—The First Film of Project Upland

A New England Bird Hunting Tale

Searching is a bird hunting tale of New England that takes a candid look at the founder of Project Upland’s duel lifestyle. As general manager for a famous nightclub in downtown Boston, but is obsessed with outdoor adventures. He brings us deep into the camp culture of northern New England by taking us to a camp where his father and uncle hunted beginning in the 70s. This is a truly passionate look at someone searching for his soul in the outdoors while maintaining the realities of work.

“He escapes to that which is more fundamental, more true, more real. It’s a circle of life thing. The desire to immerse oneself into the struggle to overcome failure, and to play a role in the natural order. That’s a lot to ask of a game bird. It’s a lot to ask of anything. But the ruffed grouse is more than just a bird. It’s a bird with a history, connecting those of us who hunt it to those in the past. It’s that profound and that simple.” – Wide Open Spaces

In mainstream hunting media outlets, New England is a forgotten realm of hunting and upland pursuits. Yet it still holds vast plots of land, unique adventure, and the charm and allure of New England.

“The facts were much different: I had a double gun, loaded with number seven and a half birdshot slung over my shoulder, and the childhood dreams of ruffed grouse on my mind.” – A New England Hunting Tale

Project Upland is a bird hunting initiative that promotes the future of upland bird hunting through videos, online blogs, and other media outlets. By capturing the essence of the grouse woods, it seeks to inspire a future generation of upland bird hunters in hunting. Whatever your game, this epic bird hunting video series tells your stories.

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