A historic photo of two hunting terriers

Hunting and Working Terriers: HDC Episode #18

Hunting Dog Confidential · Episode 18: Terriers Learn about how terriers use their courage and…

A brown Spinone hunting dog stands in a field
The History and Revival of the Spinone
Mo Lindley training a bird dg using the Gibbons-West method
Dog Training With Mo Lindley
History and Development of the Brittany
A British lab jumping into water
Working British Labs in America
A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in the water
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in History and Today
a women handles a bird dog
Cooperation in a Dog Fails at the Handler Level
hunting dog confidential cover
Hunting Dog Confidential – The Magazine
A spinone being trained using positive reinforcement
The Theory of Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training


A bird hunter with her hunting dog

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Hunting Dog?

projectupland.com On The Go · How Much Does it Cost to Have a Hunting Dog? Estimating the cost of owning a hunting dog over the course of its lifetime Total cost: $173…

A woman kisses her pointing dog.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Bird Dog – The Pointing Breeds

Narrowing down what pointing breed to choose can be daunting. This guide will help find the right bird dog for you. I have watched double-nosed Spanish pointers hunt quail in the arid…

A Golden retriever brings a pheasant to a hunter.

Should You Consider a Flushing Breed for Your Next Bird Dog?

The upland world is often full of pointing dog breeds, leaving flushing dogs underrepresented as an effective method of bird hunting. For many of us, upland bird hunting often brings to mind…

a versatile hunting dog sits next to a dog trainer

The Reasons to Consider a Versatile Hunting Dog

The author explores all the parts in between upland game that make a true versatile hunting dog. We were searching for late season roosters on a frosty, foggy afternoon. Scratchy calls echoed…