The Official 2016 Project Upland Trailer

The Upland Bird Hunting culture brought to life in bird hunting films!

Dangerous Cow Publishing, in association with the Ruffed Grouse Society, is proud to announce the inspiring upland bird hunting film series, Project Upland, a unique bird hunting initiative that captures the passions and traditions of bird hunting for a new generation of upland hunters. With eight powerful short films delivered over the course of six weeks, this series will take you throughout the Northeast engaging viewers in a wide array of hunting culture.

It is our hope to grow support for the conservation initiatives of the Ruffed Grouse Society to preserve our sporting traditions by creating healthy forests for the future of ruffed grouse, American woodcock, and a host of other wildlife species.

“We’re extremely excited about the Project Upland video series beginning in January, and it has been our pleasure to work with Dangerous Cow Publishing. This multi-video production celebrates those experiences we treasure in the grouse woods—stories and cherished memories that are essential to engage the next generation of grouse hunters and conservationists, ” said RGS Director of Communications Matt Soberg.

Project Upland serves as a powerful reference to the upland bird hunting community and culture.

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Last modified: August 9, 2018

20 Responses to :
The Official 2016 Project Upland Trailer

  1. M Richard Thompson says:

    I just got grouse bumps.

  2. Douglas Sanford says:

    Outstanding! Some of my best memories are from the grouse woods of upper and lower Michigan with dad, Gramps and Lynn (Jon Stollings)

  3. Rossano Russo says:

    Looking forward to these!

  4. Bethe Gettle says:


  5. Thomas Webb Hart says:

    All about grouse? Can we get some pheasant love?

  6. Chad Savoure says:

    Help us out here in North Idaho – we desperately need the grouse population to rejuvenate!

  7. Tommy Thompson says:

    Grouse hunting is the greatest

  8. Dan Sahli says:

    I’m so depressed its already over this video just gives me an itch I cant scratch for 9 months lol

  9. Dave Back says:

    Some the biggest thrills of my life have happened in the grouse woods! Thanks for sharing!

  10. RJ Caldarazzo says:

    Love it!

  11. Tim Nibert says:

    My favorite sport. Hands down. I wish grouse would return to southern WV before I’m too old to hunt them. There are very few here. Early 80s it was 30 flushes per outting. Those kind of numbers allowed for some well trained english setters.

  12. Jacob Bond says:

    These videos make me so happy i love the outdoors

  13. Debra Breuer says:

    Love this video awesome

  14. Glen Holt says:

    Right on! It’s about habitat diversity and the passing on of our tradition. Mentor people. Mentor…

  15. Michael Browning says:

    Great job!

  16. Cary Cheshire says:

    Beautiful, Grouse hunting is good therapy.

  17. Eric Affuso says:

    Well done RGS. A great partnership. AJ DeRosa is top quality. Good luck.

  18. @QuailProfessor says:

    AJ: This message is so very important. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront for the American people. -Dr. Kelly Reyna, “The Nation’s Quail Professor”

  19. Shawn Morgan says:

    Thanks you for a job well done , really touched a spot in my heart.

  20. Rick Bridges says:


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