Tristan Henry

Based in Oregon, Tristan Henry is an avid hunter, enjoys wild things, protecting wild places, and eating wild food.

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Simple Grilled Chukar with Lemon, Savory & Thyme

This simple grilled chukar recipe will give you moist and flavorful partridge that you will…

Murgh Makhani made with chukar a wild bird of India
Chukar Murgh Makhani (Butter Chukar)

Chukar is native to India and a fitting choice for this classic Indian recipe. Alectoris…

Roasted chukar plated with rice
The Perfect Roasted Chukar

This will be the best roast Chukar you’ve ever had. Hunters who chase them know…

A hunter sits with a Rio Grande wild turkey he killed.
How to Hunt Rio Grande Wild Turkeys

From the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West to the border of Mexico, there are plenty…