Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is a first generation hunter with a lifelong passion for the outdoors. Originally a fisherman and grouse hunter from Norther Minnesota, he spends his seasons traveling across the country in search of upland birds and waterfowl with his beloved labrador Watson. He hunts and lives out of a converted van that he purpose built for his pursuits, and can be found anywhere from the Midwest to the deserts of Arizona, and as far north as Alaska.

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A bird hunter with dogs, hunting on skis
Upland Hunting by Back Country Skis

The Alaskan wilderness became much more accessible when this hunter added skis to his repertoire…

a ptarmigan grouse stands on a rock in Alaska
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A ruffed grouse walking in the snow in Alaska
Hunting Ruffed Grouse in Alaska

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A ptarmigan in Alaska.
Are Ptarmigan the Quail of Alaska?

With three species of ptarmigan in Alaska and their wide availability they may just be…

Hunters walk an Alaskan landscape in search of fire birds
Sharptail Hunting Alaska – Finding Fire Birds

Exploring the mystery of sharp-tailed grouse hunting in Alaska. The first time I saw a…

A spruce grouse sitting in a conifer tree
Spruce Grouse – the Fool Hen of the Uplands?

Building a new reputation for the overlooked and underrated spruce grouse. Spruce grouse are not…

The van used in the bird hunting odyssey that Scott and Watson went on.
Traveling on the Road Long Term with a Bird Dog

Have you ever considered spending an entire bird season traveling the country? On Sept. 1,…