Scott Frasier

Scott Frasier is a Michigan-based freelance outdoors writer who has been wrapped in the tradition of hunting his whole life. A former police officer, Scott has been hands-on in a variety of dog training methods, from police canines to bird dogs, for more than a decade. When not writing, Scott can usually be found in the grouse woods, training dogs at a NAVHDA event, or helping his wife with their latest litter of Spinoni.

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a women handles a bird dog
Cooperation in a Dog Fails at the Handler Level

Cooperation is a foundation of a dog’s success, but the failures lie in a handler’s…

A spinone being trained using positive reinforcement
The Theory of Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training

From the foundation of operant conditioning to the idea of mistake avoidance through positive reinforcement…

A spinone bird dog experiencing training pressure.
Understanding Dog Training Pressure Issues

Dog training issues with pressure lie in the trainer, not the dog EDITOR’S NOTE: In…