RonBoehme Author

Ron Boehme is the host of The Hunting Dog Podcast. He has had a passion for bird hunting since 1973, when he bought his first license to chase pheasants in his home state of Illinois. Since that time, he has hunted in 22 states and 3 provinces, mostly with a bird dog by his side. A move to Michigan allowed him to build his kennel, Dancing Duke Kennels, and begin a lifetime membership with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association where he is currently a Senior Judge. Ron is currently ranked 39th among the top 10 wingshooters in the country

Sage Grouse Wisdom- Hunting and the Realization of their Critical Future

A story of Sage Grouse hunting and a realization of the critical nature of their future. For the third time, my dog locked up on point. This time I was hoping to see my first sage...