Chad Fix

Chad Fix is the guy in the blind that looks at the feet of every downed bird. It won’t be in hope to see a band wrapped around it, though. He’s yielded zero in the +20 years of gunning thousands of birds from Kings in the raging Bering Sea to wild Pekin in iced out Minnesota backwaters. To him each foot, feather, etc. is unique; each bird has a story that should be celebrated. Most of his celebrating during the season is by facilitating hunts for disabled members from Capable Partners – a Minnesota Organization where he’s also a Board Member. He also lends his expertise to a few prominent brands in the waterfowl industry. In the offseason he’s tinkering with his decoys, putting his dog, Jacie Mae, through retriever and spaniel hunt tests, and cooking up wild game and foraged flora recipes for his better half, Nicole.

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