Bart Rogers

Bart Rogers grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Alabama, with working dogs ranging from Border Collies on the farm to hunting with Redbones, Treeing Walkers, and Brittanys. He has been working with dogs professionally for over 12 years, having trained dogs for various working roles including explosives detection, wildlife conservation, and service/therapy work. Bart currently oversees the selection, development, and training of candidate detection dogs for Auburn University’s Canine Performance Sciences breeding program. His personal and professional passions are in working dogs, wildlife, and conservation, and finding ways for them to intersect.

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Biologist using Labrador Retrievers to hunt invasive pythons in Florida
Hunting Dogs Used to Target Florida’s Invasive Pythons

Labrador Retrievers are used to hunt invasive pythons through scent detection, protecting the threatened Everglades…