The People of Project Upland

A.J. DeRosa

Creative Director + Founder of Project Upland

Chet Hervey

Business Development + Co-founder of Northwoods Collective

Jennifer Wapenski Online Editor
Jennifer Wapenski

Director of Operations + Managing Editor of Hunting Dog Confidential

Nate Akey the Marketing Director of Project Upland
Nate Akey

Marketing Director of Project Upland

Rachelle Blair-Frasier

Editor-in-Chief of Project Upland Magazine

Andrew Spellman during a duck hunt.
Andrew Spellman

Digital Editor of Project Upland

Craig Koshyk

Editor-in-Chief of Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine

Jake Terry

Brand Manager of Endless Migration + Editor at Large Hunting Dog Confidential

Durrell Smith

Field Trial Editor + Host of the Gun Dog Notebook

James Engerbretson

Art Director

Samuel Dickison

Assistant Art Director

Rebecca Mereness

Online Copy Editor + Hunting Dog Confidential

Valerie Anne Bost

Copy Editor of Project Upland Magazine

Wil Sensing

Senior Filmmaker/Photographer

Kevin Erdvig


Adam Regier


Justin Spencer