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#9 | Chukar Culture – Bob McMichael – Project Upland Podcast

#9 | Chukar Culture – Bob McMichael – Project Upland Podcast

Bob McMichael with his Brittany on a chukar hunt in Idaho.

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Bob McMichael, Idaho resident, chukar hunting enthusiast, and owner of joins the show to talk all things chukar hunting.

Bob provides us a crash course, AKA chukar hunting 101, which is fitting since his profession is teaching. We talked at length about his experiences chukar hunting, from the very beginnings to the present. This ultimately translates into 17+  years pursuing chukar across the wild landscape they inhabit. Additionally, Bob manages a blog at where he shares his passion through writing, photography, and video.

From the blog: The chukar (Alectoris chukar) is a non-native species of partridge introduced to North America back in the 1930s. Its natural range is from Israel up through India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Despite its fairly obscure existence in American culture, possibly due to the fact that pursuing this bird is in direct opposition to the increasing and defining laziness of American citizens (in general; is anyone really going to argue with me on this point?), the chukar inspires passion among those who like to hunt the bird and even serves as a sports mascot for a couple institutions in the intermountain west and the namesake for a candy maker.

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