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#90 | Field Trials and Bird Dogs with Durrell Smith – Project Upland Podcast

#90 | Field Trials and Bird Dogs with Durrell Smith – Project Upland Podcast

Durrell Smith hunting with his bird dogs.

Exploring field trials, bird dogs and The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast with Durrell Smith.

I want him to get out there and stay out there. If I can get him over 250 yards consistently in front of the horse. At that point in time it’s between God, the birds and the dog, I’ve got nothing to do with it.

Durrell Smith

Steeped in history and at times cloaked in mystery, the world of field trialing can be a tough nut to crack. Attend events, ask questions and offer to help are words of advice often given to people seeking exposure to field trials. As a relative newcomer to bird dogs and field trials, our guest has done just that and has begun to share some of his experiences via his podcast.

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Joined by Durrell Smith of The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast, our conversation covers what makes Durrell tick as a bird dog and upland hunting enthusiast. A recent shift in the direction of The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast is highlighted along with its origin story, inspirations and transformation to the podcast it is today.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn more about The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast and Durrell’s journey into the world of bird dogs and field trials.

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  • Absolutely fabulous episode, with an dynamic guest in Durrell Smith! As a ruffed grouse hunter in the northeast, I’ve never had an interest in plantation hunting. Having been exposed to the enthusiastic conversation of this episode, I can’t help but want to experience this brand of dog work. Outstanding!

  • I really love the intro music to this podcast. I would like to hear more about hunting without a dog, I think there are more people out there like me that for one reason or another can not have a bird dog.
    Great podcast

    • Thanks for the feedback Jan, I appreciate it! I hunted without a dog for many years so I appreciate your perspective on that. I’ll keep that in mind for future episodes.

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