Hunting Dog Confidential Podcast

The Hunting Dog Confidential Podcast was created in 2020 to help fill a gap in more historic and journalistic style hosting in the upland community. With co-hosts Jennifer Wapenski and author Craig Koshyk the series starts at the very beginning of the hunting dog story inspired by Craig’s first book Pointing Dogs Volume One: The Continentals. After decades of traveling the world in search of lost breeds, historical records, and the people and places that created the incredible hunting dog community, Craig is considered the foremost authority of hunting dog breed history and information. This podcast is for those that want to get lost in at the very beginning of the creation of hunting dogs down to the very details that define the breeds we love today.

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Hunting Dog Confidential is presented by: Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food and supported by Dakota 283SportDOG Brand, and Syren USA.

A historic drawing of the early pointing dogs in action while hunting.
Origins of the Pointing Dog: Hunting Dog Confidential Episode #1

An exploration into the origins of the pointing dog and how bird dogs developed alongside…