Sport of Kings – Best Professional Hunting Video of the Year in The Monocular Film Awards

What do Gun Dogs and Birds of Prey have in common? Watch this Falconry Film from Project Upland.

*On December 14th 2017, this film won the Monocular Film awards “Best Professional Hunting Video of the Year” category in Europe. For the Best Professional Hunting Video category, our global hunting community was given this brief: “the Monocular recognizes the most outstanding and inspired work that hunters make professionally or in collaboration with brands.” 

When we think of training gun dogs we never think of having to work with a bird outside retrieving, flushing, and pointing. But in a small and unique community of Falconry training, a gun dog hunting with a bird of prey is the norm. Surprisingly, you will hear it is not the dog that needs to learn to not eat the bird. It’s the bird who needs to learn—learn the dog isn’t going to eat him. We ventured into the field with MassWildlife and the Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust to see first hand the oldest field sport.

A Gun Dog Confidential Film presented by Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Last modified: May 22, 2019

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