Chris Ingram

Chris Ingram is a freelance outdoor writer and photojournalist where he lives in Vermont with his wife. As an ardent bird hunter and public lands advocate, his motivations are rooted in sharing information, creating opportunity, promoting kinship, and developing inspiring content in the sporting and conservation communities. Chris works in Outreach & Communications for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department where he hopes to utilize his passion and enthusiasm to strengthen and unite the sporting community and conservation movement. To learn more about Chris and his work, check out Featherwind Creative on social media and visit

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An upland hunter mentors a new bird hunter
Practicing Good Upland Hunting Etiquette

Good hunting etiquette extends beyond the law to ensure that hunters maintain a good reputation…

An instructor teaching a teenager during the NAVHDA Youth Program
The NAVHDA Youth Program

The NAVHDA youth program focuses on fostering meaningful relationships and events to inspire the future…