My Heart – A Turkey Hunting Film in the Ozarks

Follow Jim Ronquest into his stopping grounds of the Ozarks in the pursuit of wild turkeys.

Jim Ronquest’s professional career has been built around the waterfowl world as the Producer of RNT-V (Rich-N-Tone Calls). Much like turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting is a very engaged pursuit when it comes to calling. Jim brings us to his stomping grounds in the Ozarks of Missouri as he confesses his lifelong love of wild turkey hunting.

It’s tough not to get a sense that Jim’s love of the wild turkey may be even greater than waterfowl. But that is often the case for many of our “comfort foods.” Although Jim is a very accomplished turkey hunter, like all things in hunting, nothing is guaranteed. He gives sound advice on turkey hunting tactics and getting into this timeless pursuit.

My first turkey hunt was in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri, in the late 70s. And my dad had long legs. He could walk, loved to hunt, loved to be in the woods. I followed him all up and down those hills and hollows in the Missouri Ozarks.?

This is a Morning Thunder Original Film by Slate + Glass.

Last modified: April 12, 2020

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