Project Upland Magazine

Winter 2019 issue of Project Upland Magazine on a coffee table.

“To expose the uplands to the world, to capture defining moments, to push our passion and culture forward, to bring our community closer, to make us feel. These are your stories.” – Project Upland Motto

Project Upland Magazine is a quarterly publication that takes readers through the four seasons of our living tradition. Project Upland Magazine launches the next chapter of the bird hunting epic series. This foray into print is a major step to continue our dedication to the community of passionate men and women devoted to the upland lifestyle. Through artful storytelling and visually stunning photography, we will capture the narratives that bring the heart of upland culture to life.

Our first printing, Volume Zero/Issue Zero, (November 1, 2018) showed the breadth of content that readers can expect throughout all future issues of our publication. We begin regular delivery of our quarterly publication (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) with Volume One/Issue One on March 1, 2019.

The vision of Project Upland will continue to be curated by award-winning filmmaker, critically-acclaimed author, and Creative Director, A.J. DeRosa. We’re ensuring premium quality in production and timeliness in distribution along with the highest narrative standards to capture who we are as a community. From history to culture, we will continue in our quest to preserve the past and welcome the future. In all this, we are committed to staying true to our collective – the DIY-ers, professional dog trainers, first-time dog handlers, dogless hunters, shotgun enthusiasts, novice bird hunters, and all the upland obsessed.

This new chapter will bring the greater upland story to life. These are your stories.

Issue One ships in March of 2019!