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Jason Hayes – Chukar Hunter for Life: The Upchukar Podcast Episode 86

Jason Hayes – Chukar Hunter for Life: The Upchukar Podcast Episode 86

Jason Hayes, a chukar hunter, makes his way down steep terrain

Chukar hunting, bird dogs, and the Marine Corps

Passed down by his father, Chukar hunting has always been a part of life for Jason Hayes. But as we grow and come into our own, how we approach it and its significance within our lives is shaped by the road we’ve travelled. After serving in the Marines and time spent overseas, Jason now focuses his free time on raising and training bird dogs, hunting chukar and keeping training birds.

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Join our conversation as we cover a wide spectrum of topics to include: Chukar hunting is not for everyone, hunting with your dad, the disparity of locations, chukar camps, “Football” the Chukar, tips on keeping and raising training birds, owning a pointing lab and much, much more

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