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The Chukar Yogi – Upchukar Podcast Episode 70

The Chukar Yogi – Upchukar Podcast Episode 70

chukar hunting and yoga with John Lyman

Exploring chukar hunting and yoga with John Lyman

Chukar hunting and Yoga?? Who would have thought that those two worlds would bridge..well that is where John Lyman comes in.

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Having over 25 years of Chukar hunting experience, he has uncovered the gem that is Southern California Chukar hunting.

After suffering a serve injury (badly breaking his ankle) while out training his bird dog, John found Yoga. At first a reluctant skeptic, he slowly discovered how Yoga not only improved his physical health, but also improved his Upland hunting.

Join me this week as I uncover another great and wonderful character of the chukar hills

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