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Steve Durren and Glenn Fewless discuss The American Custom Gunmakers Guild – #007 of the Gun Room Podcast

Steve Durren and Glenn Fewless discuss The American Custom Gunmakers Guild – #007 of the Gun Room Podcast

A gun smith works on a custom built shotgun.

The President and Vice President of the ACGG talk their personal backgrounds, career paths, and the process of custom gun making 

For our second episode on location at The Southern Side By Side competition in Sanford, N.C., I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the President and Vice President of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild over a glass of scotch following the day’s events on Saturday. 

Steve Durren and Glenn Fewless might be labeled gunsmiths, though this would fall far short of the essence of what these men have dedicated their lives to.

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In this episode, Steve and Glenn speak about their personal backgrounds and how they evolved into careers as gunmakers. 

They are both active and professional members of the Guild, an organization dedicated to maintaining the level of work produced by gunmakers in the U.S. The Guild’s professional members are vetted by a jury of their peers, and their work must be of the best quality. We talk about the structure of the guild, why it exists, and what benefits it provides its members and those of us interested in fine firearms.

We dive into the process of custom gun making, and why it is different than simple gunsmithing, as well as speak on a variety of topics surrounding the disciplines the guild recognizes. We end with a bit of a compare and contrast of British and American single-shot falling block rifles: a topic that both men are experts on. 

For more information on the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, see its website at

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