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Dan Rossiter and A.H. Fox Shotguns – #003 of the Gun Room Podcast

Dan Rossiter and A.H. Fox Shotguns – #003 of the Gun Room Podcast

A Fox Sterlingworth side by side shotgun with the action broken open

Join Dan Rossiter as he speaks on the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, being a small town gunsmith, stock duplication, A.H. Fox shotguns, and a rare LC Smith project gun.

In this episode of TGR, we sit down with gunsmith and gunmaker Dan Rossiter to talk about his experience as a gunsmith.

Dan grew up with a love of firearms. From an early age, firearms were a part of his life: from drawing his favorites out of the pages of magazines, to shooting in the backyard with his family. His love transformed from target shooting for fun to competition and eventually won him a scholarship to college where he spent weekends apprenticing as a gunsmith.

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Back home, Dan developed his career as a gunsmith at first working alongside a fellow local smith, and then with the help of his father, transformed part of the family barn into a gunsmith shop. Custom Stocks and Steel was born and quickly gained a reputation as a restoration and upgrade shop. As time passed, Dan showed a knack for stock-making, eventually making it a large part of his business.

His talent was recognized in 2017 when he was accepted into the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, an honor for any smith. His career continued to change as he accepted a position with Griffin and Howe in Andover, New Jersey, where he is now a stock maker. We discuss past and current projects, a love for double guns, and the specifics of some Fox shotguns from our collection. Finally, we finish up with a rare and unique LC Smith that Dan brought along for show and tell.

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