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The Weatherby Story with Zach Hein and Jared Smethurst – #017 of the Gun Room Podcast

The Weatherby Story with Zach Hein and Jared Smethurst – #017 of the Gun Room Podcast

A man hunts prairie dogs in Colorado.

Zach Hein and Jared Smethurst sit down to discuss Roy Weatherby’s life and vision, as well as how the company is still producing high-quality firearms

Zach Hein, director of marketing, and Jared Smethurst, associate product development manager, join me from the Sheridan, Wyoming, facility to talk about the story of Weatherby.

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Roy Weatherby’s life and the creation of Weatherby, Inc.

Roy Weatherby, a Kansas native, left everything and moved to California searching for opportunity and a new life for his family. He found success and eventually opened his own sporting goods business that quickly morphed into a gun manufacturing facility. 

Roy’s experiments with wildcat cartridge development led him to create some of the hottest and fastest moving cartridges around, which, in turn, forced his hand in developing what would become one of America’s iconic rifles, the Weatherby Mark V.

Over the years, Weatherby expanded operations and production to include the Vanguard Rifle as well as several shotguns to round out the company’s offerings.

Weatherby, Inc. today

Today, Weatherby is still building Mark V rifles in much the same configuration as Roy’s original design–a testament to their original design. 

Now located in Wyoming, Weatherby is expanding operations and looking forward to a bright future.

Ammunition manufacturing capabilities have grown alongside the developments in rifles and shotguns. New metal coatings, synthetic stocks, and new materials like titanium have all made their way into production guns at Weatherby.

The company’s desire to continue to expand and develop new technologies stays true to Roy Weatherby’s original vision.

We explore this and so much more in this week’s episode of The Gun Room.

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