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Podcast – The Media Business of Bird Hunting and Bird Dogs

Podcast – The Media Business of Bird Hunting and Bird Dogs

Director of Business Development for Project Upland Chet Hervey with his bird dog.

Get an inside look into the mind of one of Project Upland’s key players.

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What is it that makes social media so special to the culture of bird dogs and upland bird hunting in 2019? By now, many folks have noticed the rise of social media influencers and growing business through marketing, advertising, and partnerships with significant outdoor brands through podcast, Instagram, and Facebook platforms along with many others. What can be said about the millennial generation of upland bird and waterfowl hunters is that we have changed the dynamic of accessibility and visibility for those people who are actively seeking knowledge and community in this growing landscape. 

If you have been involved in upland hunting and/or DIY bird dog training, you have most likely come across the names A.J. DeRosa and Nick Larson. But there is one more major component to the body and soul of Project Upland and Northwoods Collective — and this one goes by the name of Chet Hervey. 

Chet has been integral in the growth of Project Upland, manning the Northwoods Collective Instagram account, and developing relationships between the names under the umbrella of Project Upland and companies like onX Hunt, Garmin, Dogtra, Eukanuba Sporting Dog, and many others.  Chet has a quiet and humble presence, yet maintains a class that only a man who can correctly pronounce “Braque du Bourbonnais” could reflect. Really, never mind pronunciations, Chet is a proud owner of the breed and has quite the story to tell about developing his pup on an unexpected rooster ringneck. 

Throughout the episode, Chet and I get into some of the inner details about his experience in building a brand identity on social media and cultivating business partnerships along the upland landscape. From garnering sponsor interest to creatively conveying one’s personal narrative and posting them throughout the hallways of our timelines, Chet gets to the point of what it really takes to be successful in the industry and creating an identity that authentically resonates with the public. He is brilliant, honest, and just seems to have an eye for catching the right moments on camera. This episode is sure to enlighten anyone looking to build a brand and identity in the bird dog world with the tools of social media and networking. 

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  • Great podcast, great info… I bird hunted in the 70s & 80s then as a professional chef and equestrian did not have the time to train my own dog for upland hunting. I bought an English setter pup in 2017 because I have the time now. Loving being back a field with my own dog nothing like it.

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