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Defining a Truly Broke yet Fun-loving Bird Dog – Part I – Gun Dog Notebook Podcast

Defining a Truly Broke yet Fun-loving Bird Dog – Part I – Gun Dog Notebook Podcast

A line of bird dogs being trained at PSR kennels

Joe Plote of PSR Kennels Explores the idea of a “Broke” Gun Dog in a wide range of personalities and situations.

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Part 1 with PSR Kennels

Part 2 with Joe Plote

If there is one over-arching question for novice dog hunters, it rests on defining what a truly “broke” yet mannerable, fun-loving bird dog looks like. It requires using the right tools and learning to effectively and fluidly work your way around the dog, whether its a dog personality that is hard or soft. On this episode of The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast, the goal was to get down to the “nitty-gritty” of bird dogs, or as I’d like to call it . . . bird-doggin’.

Our guest, Joe Plote of PSR Kennels, helps break down the various aspects of a life training and fixing bird dogs. From his early foundation learning from trainer Dave Walker, he highlights the path to training a truly “broke” dog, and deals with common misconceptions on pedigree and breeding. Joe goes into further detail about his experiences as a trainer and taking in client dogs, and walks us through the process of rebuilding his kennel after the recent spate of devastating winds and tornadoes in the Midwest. 

Talking with Joe reminds us that it’s most important not only to train your dog to high standards, but also to train to the standards that make you happy. It’s important to examine the various training literature written by the trainers who came before this generation of wingshooters and dog handlers with a view to carrying the torch and of dog training and upland bird hunting to a new generation. If you’re going to work dogs, you can take some notes on Joe’s training methods. 

Joe deals with many of the nuances of dog handling from observing the overuse of the word “Whoa” to simple tricks to keep bird dogs healthy at home and in the field. We even get into a bit of Lindley and West training techniques. On this podcast, we air out as much training talk as we possibly could within the span of two episodes and share a great deal of laughter and good times within the conversation. 

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