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#77 | World Class Wingshooting with David Radulovich – Project Upland Podcast

#77 | World Class Wingshooting with David Radulovich – Project Upland Podcast

David Radulovich shooting skeet

Have you ever wondered what parallels there might be between shooting clay targets and wingshooting upland birds? Do you shoot sporting clays, trap or skeet in the off-season? Ever wonder what a world class shooter thinks about when he or she is hunting upland birds? It’s time to explore those ideas, wingshooting and more with David Radulovich on another episode of the Project Upland Podcast.

“The first thing I would say that really helps you make good shots is that it’s presence and the ability to control your conscious mindset when you’re hunting.”

David Radulovich

David’s shooting resume is impressive. After nearly 20 years of competition shooting he’s racked up 211 tournament wins and 16 world individual titles. It’s not every day we get to speak to someone who has developed a world class ability within a skill set so critical to wingshooting and upland hunting. Furthermore, David enjoys coaching and sharing his ideas, abilities and passion with hundreds of students around the world.

We discuss David’s journey from target shooting into wingshooting, in the process discovering how David approaches target shooting versus wingshooting and the similarities within each approach. If you’re interested in becoming a better wingshooter, tune in and pay attention.

Philosophy | David Radulovich
“I believe that there is a psychological and philosophical connection between the physical technique that is required for shooting. As complicated as this sounds, it actually reverse-engineers the learning process and allows it to be as smooth a transition as possible for shooters of all levels. The control of the gun necessary to break targets is not purely a physical skill — especially not if you are trying to acquire perfection. The finesse involved in competing at the highest level requires total control over the movement of your gun in such minuscule measurements of space that it is not something that can be done without understanding how our thought influences our motion. This is where my teaching philosophy comes into play. I don’t teach you how to move the gun, I teach you how to change your conscious approach so that you can physically produce a pure and minimalistic move.”

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  • Listened to this driving home to the Twin Cities from Danbury, WI, yesterday. Rowdy and I are excited for fall to roll back around again! Great interview, can’t wait for the next one.

    • Glad to hear it Geoff. That was an incredibly fun and informative conversation with David. Thanks for tuning in!

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