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#49 | Wingshooting USA with Scott Linden – Project Upland Podcast

#49 | Wingshooting USA with Scott Linden – Project Upland Podcast

Upland Hunter and TV Host Scott Linden

Catch an interview with Wingshooting USA host Scott Linden covering everything from the future of upland hunting to bird dogs.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I’m joined by Scott Linden, upland bird hunter and host of the TV Show, Wingshooting USA. Scott and I talk about his upland hunting story and his outdoor industry work including his TV show, Wingshooting USA and a book he authored titled, “What The Dogs Taught Me.”

During our conversation Scott and I start with the story of how he got into upland hunting which included buying his first bird dog out of a pickup truck in a downtown parking lot. We share some upland bird hunting stories as well as the usual bird dogs, shotguns and upland birds chatter. We also discuss how Scott got started producing his television shows while talking about his current show, Wingshooting USA.

He also divulges in some less popular ideas about stereotypes involving millennials and the future of hunting . . . Certainly a bit out of our wheelhouse as a millennial driven platform but we like to give everyone one a chance to say their piece and share their stories.

“Welcome to the UPLAND NATION, home of Wingshooting USA: Birds, dogs, shotguns, and clays. Ya got a problem with that?” – Scott Linden

To learn more about Scott and see more of his work visit his website: Scott Linden Outdoors

Check out Scott’s TV Show: Wingshooting USA

View episodes of the show on Scott’s YouTube channel: Scott Linden YouTube

Purchase Scott’s book on Amazon: What The Dogs Taught Me

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Project Upland Podcast and thank you for listening! Let us know what you think about the show as well as what you’d like to hear about on future episodes by commenting below or sending me an email directly:

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