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#96 | Wildlife Biology, Wingshooting and Three Women That Share a Passion for Both – Project Upland Podcast

#96 | Wildlife Biology, Wingshooting and Three Women That Share a Passion for Both – Project Upland Podcast

Meadow Kouffeld, Bailey Petersen and Heather Shaw

A conversation about wingshooting, wildlife biology and three women that share a passion for both.

In a long overdue episode of the Project Upland Podcast we are joined by our friends Meadow Kouffeld, Bailey Petersen and Heather Shaw. The three wildlife biologists and wingshooters possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding upland birds and the habitat that supports them. Additionally they all found their way into bird dogs and upland hunting. During the fall of 2019 the three of them met for a spruce grouse hunt in Northern Minnesota that would later be featured in the feature film, Public Grouse.  

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Our conversation covers our guests intro into upland hunting and bird dogs as well as their professional experience in wildlife biology. We recap the 2019 hunting season and later transition to discussing their spruce grouse hunt in Minnesota 

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn more about wildlife biology, wingshooting and spruce grouse.

About | Public Grouse
“Across North America, our upland heritage was built upon the various grouse species that span our continent. From the revered ruffed grouse of New England to the elusive dusky grouse of the Rocky Mountain West, upland hunters rely on these birds to sustain our traditions in the same way we rely on our public lands. This year, Project Upland launched an ambitious project to chronicle the story of six different species in seven different locations, all in a one-hour film. From arid sage-grouse leks in Montana to deep covers in Appalachia, the film runs the gamut of public land grouse hunting, grouse conservation and grouse dogs.”

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