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#54 | Bringing Back the Whistle with the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative – Project Upland Podcast

#54 | Bringing Back the Whistle with the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative – Project Upland Podcast

Mark Coleman and Michael Hook of the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative

A look into bobwhite quail conservation with the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative.

Although the bobwhite quail has seen better days in South Carolina, this iconic bird is fighting back and remains symbolic to Southern bird hunters. Fortunately for the Gentleman Bob, the passion of upland bird hunters and conservationists alike has them fighting together for this native bird in joint efforts to restore its native habitat. On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, we examine the history, status and ongoing challenges facing bobwhite quail in South Carolina along with the work of the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative with Michael Hook and Mark Coleman.

The Story – South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative (SCBI)
“The SCBI is a statewide effort established in 2015 to restore bobwhite populations to early-1980s levels. Based on a plan written by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and supported nationally by the NBCI (National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative), the work is directed by the South Carolina Quail Council, a group of government and non-governmental agencies, organizations, and individual landowners. These people bring a wide range of expertise, ideas, and endless enthusiasm to our common goal and are eager to see this part of our sporting heritage return to prominence.”

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