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#46 | Sharing Bird Tales with Sabin Adams of Pheasants Forever – Project Upland Podcast

#46 | Sharing Bird Tales with Sabin Adams of Pheasants Forever – Project Upland Podcast

Sabin Adams on a pheasant hunt with his dogs Remnar and Daisy

I’m joined by Sabin Adams, creator of The Bird Tales and Habitat Restoration Specialist for Pheasants Forever. Sabin and I talk about his upland hunting story, the work that he does for Pheasants Forever, and his upland hunting video log series titled, The Bird Tales.

During our conversation Sabin and I start with a bit of a season recap and a hunting report. We talk about some of the hunting trips that Sabin has been on this season as well as his outlook for the rest of the season. We share some upland bird hunting stories as well as the usual bird dogs, shotguns and upland birds chatter. We also discuss how Sabin got started upland hunting and what ultimately led to him starting the upland hunting video log series, The Bird Tales.  Finally we talk about public land hunting, strategies for finding new grounds to hunt and Sabin’s tips for new upland hunters.

Sabin describes the birds tales as, “The Bird Tales is an upland bird hunting vlog where I attempt to show you my previous week of upland bird hunts.” It’s much more than that I promise! Sabin has an entertaining and fun way of capturing his hunts. They are both enjoyable and informative to watch.

To view Sabin’s video log series check out his YouTube channel here: The Bird Tales | Channel Page

To start from the beginning with episode #1 from the 2017 fall season, check it out here: The Bird Tales | Episode #1

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Project Upland Podcast and thank you for listening! Let us know what you think about the show as well as what you’d like to hear about on future episodes by commenting below or sending me an email directly:

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  • What happened to Sabin’s dogs? I follow him on You Tube and greatly enjoy the bird tale episodes. I can’t imagine losing two as one is hard enough. My wife calls the new one #4 to distance herself.

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