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#2 | Camp Thunderbird – Brandon Smith – Project Upland Podcast

#2 | Camp Thunderbird – Brandon Smith – Project Upland Podcast

Bradon Smith of Camp Thunderbird

The Project Upland Podcast is back with episode two this week.

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, host Nick Larson is joined by Brandon Smith of Wisconsin and the film Camp Thunderbird.

Brandon is not only an upland bird hunter but a skilled craftsman and woodworker as well. On this episode we talk about the most recently released Project Upland film – Camp Thunderbird. Brandon explains how Camp Thunderbird came to be and shares the story of how he refurbished the old trappers cabin. We talk about familiar topics like upland birds, shotguns and bird dogs. And we also touch on some of Brandon’s dog training methods and experiences along with how he’s developed into the upland bird hunter he is today.

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For more information on or to view the Camp Thunderbird film, check out the description below:

Brandon Smith and Laine Jewel are not your cookie cutter bird hunters. In fact, the journey to becoming bird hunters came in different ways than most. Brandon got a German Shorthaired Pointer and decided since it was a bird dog, that he would take it bird hunting. Fast forward some years later, and Brandon and Laine take it upon themselves to restore a 100 year old trapper’s cabin in Wisconsin grouse country. The rundown cabin over time would become the grouse camp- Camp Thunderbird.

Watch the official trailer!

Their journey is more than just a grouse camp in the woods. It is the growth of a relationship, a change in lifestyle, learning a new passion for bird hunting, and finding meaning in the grouse woods. Brandon prides himself on the way his dog has evolved in the woods, his pursuit of the King of the Birds, and his fascination with the American Woodcock. Laine shares her pursuit for the Woodcock or doods (as they call them)

Watch the whole film: Camp Thunderbird

The Project Upland Podcast is brought to you in part by: Pineridge Grouse Camp – Adventure Awaits

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