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#4 | Pheasants Forever – PR Manager Jared Wiklund – Project Upland Podcast

#4 | Pheasants Forever – PR Manager Jared Wiklund – Project Upland Podcast

Jared Wiklund of Pheasants Forever on a Pheasant hunt.

On this week’s edition of the Project Upland Podcast, Jared Wiklund, public relations manager at Pheasants Forever joins the show.

We talk about Pheasants Forever and the upcoming pheasant hunting season. Jared has been with Pheasants Forever for nearly a decade. His knowledge of the organization, along with its current state of affairs, is extensive. Jared and I have a thorough conversation regarding Pheasants Forever and issues in the upland hunting community. We will also preview the upcoming 2017 pheasant hunting season.

As a public relations manager for Pheasants Forever, Jared is well versed in all facets of the organization. He previously held positions as a public relations specialist as well as a regional rep. Needless to say, Jared has a handle on Pheasants Forever as an organization.

On today’s show, Jared and I discuss new hunter recruitment and what it means to our number one passion, upland hunting. We will also be discussing new hunter engagement through video and various media along with potential avenues for hunter recruitment.

Another topic on today’s show is, of course, conservation groups and the role they play in providing upland hunters with opportunity in the field each season. Jared goes into detail regarding the upcoming 2018 farm bill. He explains how the bill can effect habitat, wildlife, farmers and end users of the landscape as well as why it’s important for upland hunters.

Additionally, with the 2017 pheasant season underway or just around the corner for most upland hunters, Jared goes state by state providing a detailed forecast with respect to what hunters can expect this season. Tune in to find out what the pheasant forecast looks like in region.

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