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#5 | Northwoods’r – Garrett Mikrut – Project Upland Podcast

#5 | Northwoods’r – Garrett Mikrut – Project Upland Podcast

Garret Mikrut on a grouse hunt in the West

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Northwoods’r Garrett Mikrut talks about his 2017 upland hunting season. Specifically, about a recent trip he took to Montana. Garrett Mikrut is an upland hunter before anything else, second only to being a family man. He lives and breathes upland hunting year round. His passion for upland birds comes with a deep respect for the sport’s traditions.

I met Garrett at college in Duluth, MN. I think it was our common interests—be it women, a financing degree, or upland birds—that eventually brought us together. All kidding aside, Garrett and I really do share a love for hunting traditions. We made many fond memories in the northwoods of Minnesota. Over the years, our passion for upland hunting has come to the forefront. It’s become the main source of our fall adventures.

Garrett recently returned from an upland bird hunting trip to Montana, his second upland hunting trip there. He came back with plenty of memories from yet another successful trip. On this week’s show, we talk about the structure of the Montana trip and how everyone had to work together. We discuss land access, hunting methods and of course birds. They include pheasants, sharptail grouse (sharpies), and hungarian partridge (huns).

I also talk with Garrett about the importance of having “dog-power” on an extended out-of-state trip like this one. Furthermore, Garrett and I talk about our love of double guns, specifically the American-made A.H. Fox. Garrett introduced me to these guns after a fellow upland hunter introduced him.

To close our conversation, we discuss our annual grouse camp which will be happening in WI this weekend. Stay tuned to the Project Upland Podcast for some potential Grouse Camp-Casts coming your way!

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