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#7 | Northwind Enterprises – Ann Jandernoa – Project Upland Podcast

#7 | Northwind Enterprises – Ann Jandernoa – Project Upland Podcast

Ann Jandernoa huntig grouse with her setters.

On this week’s episode of the show, we are joined by Ann Jandernoa, owner of Northwind Enterprises.

Ann joins the show to talk specifically about late season ruffed grouse hunting. We cover all things from birds to habitat, conditions, logging, trapping, bird dogs, and much much more. Enjoy the show on Northwind Enterprises!

About Northwind Enterprises:

Since the summer of 2002, Ann has been successfully growing Northwind Enterprises, LLC, located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. From mapping grouse habitat to conducting outdoor grouse & woodcock clinics and GPS clinics, guiding hunters on grouse and woodcock hunts in northern Wisconsin, running workshops/seminars on how to locate and strategically hunt grouse & woodcock and producing a DVD package of the same title, Ann’s business is all about grouse and woodcock hunting.

In 2015, Ann designed and produced, for all game hunters, a unique online tool for them to better prepare for and conduct more enjoyable hunts.  The tool is called the Scout-N-Hunt Digital Map Viewer. It combines all her separate state-wide habitat map data into digital files that can be viewed online using the Northwind Grouse Habitat Map Viewer. The map viewer contains extensive information about the types, sizes, and ages of identified habitat, hydrology, roads and trails, topography, and numerous call-outs and images that assist and educate the hunter as he/she prepares for and conducts his/her hunt.

Ann’s vision from the beginning has been to grow Northwind Enterprises, LLC based on: an extensive knowledge of forestry, GIS, various mapping software programs, interpretation of aerial photography and satellite imagery, and experiences in being a hunter all her life. She wants to run a business that can provide the hunting enthusiast with the information, education, and services that will make his/her hunting experiences as enjoyable and productive as possible.

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The Project Upland Podcast is brought to you in part by: Pineridge Grouse Camp – Adventure Awaits

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  • Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed the podcast it was very educational and can’t wait to hear more. I’ve hunted with Skip over the when they use to run English pointers years ago and they were phenomenal dogs and been doing business and buying there Grouse habitat Maps on and off for years everything they do is very thought through and helpful thanks for the podcast really keeps me going in the morning on my long drive to work, keep them coming great work.

    • Ann and Skip are great people and they provide some great products and services to us grouse and woodcock hunters! I appreciate the feedback on the podcast, thank you very much! We’ll keep them coming for you and thanks for listening!

  • Always great to hear Ann share her knowledge. I learn something new every time I listen to her. She and Skip helped me with the training of my English Setter I purchased from them. Great dog and great people. Thanks for having her on the podcast.

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