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#74 | Listener Q&A with J.C. Bosch of No Limits Kennels – Project Upland Podcast

#74 | Listener Q&A with J.C. Bosch of No Limits Kennels – Project Upland Podcast

J.C. Bosch of No Limits Kennels training a German shorthaired pointer

What flushing dogs and pointing breeds do you recommend? How does one decipher the pedigree of a hunting dog?  Can you walk me through your process for training steadiness? Squeaky toys, yay or nay? What are the toughest things about running a kennel? What is the best way to get my pup excited about retrieving? Answers to these questions and much more on this episode of the Project Upland Podcast with J.C. Bosch of No Limits Kennels.

“That’s kind of my philosophy in life and with dogs. We’re going to learn through successful repetition or massive failure… but just get out there and go do it!” | J.C. Bosch – No Limits Kennels

J.C. joined us on the Project Upland podcast in a previous episode (#32) to discuss his bird hunting origin story along with the creation and development of No Limits Kennels. On this episode we dive deep into listener submitted questions to gain J.C.’s perspective and knowledge as a professional dog trainer and breeder.

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“No Limits Kennels is a full-time, full-service, and licensed boarding and basic training kennel in the Heart of Kansas. My wife, Jonna and I are dog lovers through and through. We built our kennel to fit the needs of the public. Our training philosophy is that every dog is unique, and for that reason, every dog should not be thrown into a cookie-cutter type training program. We carefully evaluate each dog and their owners to come up with the best way to see you and your dog succeed. We use unique training methods and treat each dog as an individual as if it were our own. We offer basic to advanced obedience training, boarding, gun dog training, and the BEST bird hunting options here in Central Kansas!”

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